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IRNavigator FAQ

What is your contact coverage like?

IRNavigator maintains a comprehensive global database of buy-side and sell-side contacts supported by research teams in New York, London and Hong Kong. IRNavigator continues to grow our investment professional universe making updates everyday.

How do you source your data?

IRNavigator data is collected and populated by a global research team. We carefully gather data from a variety of primary sources globally. Ownership information is collected based on local regulatory disclosure rules and availability of public ownership data. We do not purchase ownership data from third party vendors and instead control the interpretation of primary data, rather than rely on sources that may interpret ownership discretion differently.

For U.S. investor ownership, 13f filings and mutual fund filings are collected as the primary source of information. Outside of the United States, mutual fund data and other publicly available ownership information is collected based on the availability. The frequency of data collected varies between sources and location from monthly to quarterly.

Our contact information is gathered by a global team of trained researchers relying on several sources such as; direct phone calls, websites, and media. Certain contacts will be updated more frequently based on size and importance of the investor. Similar to efforts in ownership collection, contact data is not purchased from third party vendors ensuring the highest data quality as it comes from a primary source.

Who is MZ Group, who is MZIlios?

MZIlios, an MZ Group Company, represents the Group companies in North America. MZ is the world's largest independent global investor relations, corporate governance and integrated corporate communications firm. MZ focuses on innovative IR solutions and customized client service with its unique one-stop-shop business model. With offices in Beijing, Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, S?o Paulo and Taipei, MZ has 250 professionals serving more than 500 clients in 10 countries.

The foundation of MZ's IR solutions begins with a superior global capital market intelligence program that allows management to accurately identify current shareholders and target new ones. MZ's shareholder identification accuracy is unmatched and continues to beat competitors in head-to-head comparisons. IRNavigator, MZ's award winning institutional investor targeting solution and CRM, is an intuitive and easy to use database that is second to none.

MZ understands that investors are global and successfully guides its North American based clients with their IR and communication activities in Asia and Latin America.

MZ's full suite of services includes planning and implementing global investor relations programs, market intelligence and investors' database, structuring companies for accessing the capital markets (IPOs and APOs), applied technology to investor relations, corporate governance and corporate communications, competitive positioning, valuation and corporate governance practices, integrated corporate communications and the exclusive Online General Meetings.

I'd like more info on your stock surveillance service, who should I contact?

info@mzilios.com 212.813.2975

What is the technology behind this solution?

IRNavitgator was designed in .net technology, which provides maximum flexibility in empowering MZ to adapt its system and to support and respond to clients' changing needs. MZ's Development Team has years of experience building products and databases serving the needs of Investor Relations and Institutional Investment professionals.

Is IRNavigator easy to learn, easy to use?

"Make it fast and easy to use!" Every step of IRNavigator's development was designed with this in mind. IRNavigator's speed and performance is not a function of bandwidth or new, fast hardware. Instead this is a function of innovative design and the implementation of the latest technology.

Can I customize this solution to fit my specific needs or requests from my management team?

Yes, we can accommodate changes or updates to a particular function to better reflect clients' specific needs or demands from Management.

How do I transfer all of my contact data?

We make it easy. Our database team is experienced in moving information from a variety of resources. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the process is hassle free with no loss of data and minimal downtime.

Can I easily target the right institutional investors?

Yes, Hot TargetsTM is an online quantitative targeting solution, which combines fundamental and peer/sector-based models to produce a proprietary Hot TargetsTM grade for institutions and funds. More than just utilizing the latest current surveillance ownership, Hot Targets factors latest purchases and sells into its models, which drive and influence the Hot Targets Grade.

Is the CRM easy to use?

Yes, IRNavigator offers an "Integrated" CRM platform. There is no need for multiple log-ins and separate databases to maintain your company's communications and interactions. Contact searches are run in ONE database, not in two separate areas. Search Contacts in ONE area and "Activities" and "Notes" in same area.

Can I manage my IR activities using this system?

Yes, IRNavigator is an Enterprise solution for multiple users within Investor Relations departments. See your entire department's interactions with key influential shareholders and sell-side analysts. IRNavigator empowers you to effectively manage your entire department's interactions.